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At the Protagonist, we believe everyone can do with a bit more culture in their life. Luckily for us, the city of Melbourne is teeming with it. It's not a secret that the art and culture is an every growing part of life in Melbourne. We are famous for our street art, our buskers, our secret nooks and crannies filled with bustling cafes and arcades. Consequently, we don't have to look very hard to find great artists that not only deserve to have their work exposed, but that common Melbournians deserve to be exposed to. It's this symbiotic, 'everybody wins' relationship that is a founding principle of the Protagonist. To support, foster and provide a platform for the artist, while providing a rally point for people from all walks of life to appreciate the art Melbourne has to offer in a self-contained compendium, that grows issue by issue. Therefore, we've taken on the role of a traditional curator. The result of our curatorship doesn't exist in a museum or gallery. It is something you can hold in your hands, smell, or if you'd prefer, click through on your tablet with extra features such as moving images and sound.

Another principle of the Protagonist is that we believe in both the old and the new. We support the classical and the avant-garde, the established artists and the up-and-coming. While we credit the established generations of Melbourne artists for building the wonderful hub of art and culture we have become, we also value the importance discovering and aiding new talent. The art industry is becoming more difficult to thrive in. We aim at providing many new artists with a rope to grip on to and aid their ascent to the towards the pinnacle of success. To those whom have already experienced success and renown, we offer a chance to support the community and expose their ongoing works to a broad, appreciative audience.

The content that the Protoganist plans to deliver to the public is as varied as the city that we represent. Creative works such as short-stories and poetry will form the backbone of our publication. But protagonists are not only found in text. We will publish feature articles reflecting on both local and broader issues. Reviews of food, film and literature. We include visual contributions as well as organise photo shoots to showcase local photgraphers, designers, makeup artists and models. Every issue will include a special interview and contribution by a guest artist, someone whom we believe will offer both interesting insights into their world but also the world of the reader, acting a source of inspiration and knowledge for new artists yet to begin their flight. We also plan to create an online community which will act as a beacon for people to congregate, network and appreciate the digital content that the Protagonist will have to offer, such as short-film and musical contributions, both very important elements within Melbourne's artistic landscape.

I am very proud to announce that the Protagonist is now available for sale! Stay tuned for more information about where to find your copy.

Jeremy Martino